Rapport d'activité digital 2021

BANK OF AFRICA’s development has been marked by its various undertakings with regard to environmental protection and social and human development. BMCE BANK Foundation was established as a preliminary step in 1995 prior to the Group signing, in 2000, the United Nations Environment Programme’s Statement of Commitment by Financial Institutions on the Environment and Sustainable Development. The pioneering decision to incorporate sustainability-related aspects into its day-to-day business saw it draw up a sustainable development strategy underpinned by 6 strategic priorities and undertakings. This strategy encompasses not only BANK OF AFRICA’s operations but also those of a number of subsidiaries in Morocco and abroad.
BANK OF AFRICA has also adopted a governance system centred on sustainable development issues. This enables the Group to monitor the action plan implementation process and ensure that undertakings are carried out, whilst also ensuring that compliance-related regulatory requirements are adhered to.