Rapport d'activité digital 2021

BMCE Bank Foundation has played a pioneering role in promoting education and protecting the environment by educational means. Since it was founded in 1995, BMCE Bank Foundation has embodied the Group’s attitude to human development and social impact. Through its Medersat.com network, BMCE Bank Foundation has striven to improve access to education in rural communities and raise awareness among African children about environmental issues. Each year, Medersat.com provides an education to more than 12,000 children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Morocco as well as hundreds of children in sub-Saharan Africa. BMCE Bank Foundation’s commitment to environmental causes is further highlighted through the Eco-Schools programme, run in partnership with the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection. As well as integrating environmental aspects into the construction of schools, this programme is an educational project that raises pupils’ awareness about sustainable development issues and invites them to adopt eco-friendly behaviour.